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It all started on a napkin in a backyard around a fire. Sheryl Estes and Janét Howey were discussing business ideas and somehow the subject of shipping containers came up. Both Sheryl and Janét had independently been researching shipping  container architecture and the advances and applications used in Europe. Janét was thinking of developing student housing and an urban trailer park. Sheryl was planning to build a shipping container apartment building in Corpus Christi. When the two entrepreneurs realized they had similar plans and dreams, they knew they had something! They decided that night to pursue their passion of shipping container architecture and bring it to the U.S.A. That’s right, they drew the plan on a napkin and boxLIFE was born!

Both Sheryl and Janét were former collegiate athletes and coaches, so it was only natural they would begin testing the product in the athletic arena. boxGATE was their first model, a hospitality box used for tailgating at football games. boxGATE grew into many applications, including EXPERIENTIAL box, POP-UP box, CONCESSION box, boxBAR, and even RETAIL boxfor BIG BRANDING opportunities for corporations, universities, schools, professional organizations, food service and low cost retail space.  With widespread popularity and demand boxLIFE has evolved into providing tiny sustainable homes, called TINYbox. boxOFFICE, LOCKER ROOM box, and many other applications have been born. The company now designs a box on WHEELS in the fast growing food trailer industry.

Using sustainable products and repurposed shipping containers combined with modern style and cutting edge quality fabrication makes boxLIFE unique. boxLIFE is industrial luxury at its best!

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