Looking for a long-term return on your investment?

Seeking to use your box year-round or at a permanent location? For instance, do you want a tiny home or a retail store that lasts?

We provide an affordable home for your brand that you own. Your new box can be tailored to your individual needs. The box can be mobile or stationary. The magic is that you own the box so it is yours to do with what you want!

We customize 20-foot or 40-foot containers with a variety of options on the box itself. The boxes can have an upper deck that can double your square footage and provide a unique outdoor space. We also provide unique customization to the box from panoramic doors to hand-crafted lighting fixtures, signage, furniture and more. There are space-saving solutions available to accommodate all your interior design needs. Contact us below to request a quote and learn more.

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Below is one of our signature boxes ready for you to brand with your logo and colors so that your boxLIFE experience can begin. This is the first step in visualizing your brand coming to life with boxLIFE!

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