Houston Chronicle: Texas is winning the tailgating wars with boxGATE

The boxGATE is a self-contained tailgating party in a box. The unit comes in a variety of team-based designs and includes a couch, fridge, sink, keg tap, grill fold down table and viewing deck.

Texas Tech may have never won a Big XII football title, but the school is definitely winning the tailgating wars.

Two of its alumni – Jane’t Howey of Midland and Sherly Estes of Corpus Christi – are debuting their new tailgate-in-a-box concept this spring, appropriately called “boxGATE.”

The 8-by-20 foot units are made from recycled shipping containers and include water and electrical hookups, two HD TVs with satellite access, a sink, refrigerator, custom leather couch, built-in grill, ground-level covered awning and a rooftop observation deck.

“It sets up in five minutes, and then you open the doors and bring on the steaks, ” Howey said.

Currently, boxGATE’s primary market is universities looking to give fans – particularly VIP fans – a cushier gameday experience as part of a season-long lease.

Howey says the company will soon expand to sales to individuals, though she declined to name a pricetag. A customer waiting list has already begun following a fan demonstration at a Tech scrimmage in Midland earlier this spring.

Currently, boxGATE has agreements with Texas Tech and the University of Texas at San Antonio, but Howey says additional deals are pending.

The company is hoping for future agreements with the University of Houston and NFL teams like the Texans.

boxGATE will be on display next at the Texas Tech spring football game, April 12 at Jones AT&T Stadium in Lubbock, and at the UTSA spring game, April 26 at the Alamodome in San Antonio.

A boxYARD outdoor kitchen also is in the works.

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